What is Medical Coding


Sincerely, Catherine Davis CPC

To Whom It may concern:

I have wanted to become a CPC since 1998. There were very limited schools that were offering courses at that time, and because I have to work, it made it very hard for me to find a time to attend such classes that were offered only at colleges that were 50 miles in the opposite direction of where I worked. I am also a mother of three, and cannot possibly sit in school after work.

I originally started a course that would’ve taken me very long, and cost me a great deal of money. There was no guarantee that I would be prepared to sit for the national exam. I became very discouraged and decided to give up my hopes for becoming certified.

I am from New York City, and I decided to pursue my goal of becoming certified once more, and Googled schools in my area. That’s when I found L S Coding & Education. I couldn’t believe that there was a school that was offering online video courses and the cost was unbelievable (cheap). I called Lynn right away, and she spoke with me, and got me started immediately.

I loved the classes because it made you feel like you were with the students, learning from their questions, etc. Lynn is an amazing teacher, and taught me things that I have struggled to learn through the years. The tests were emailed to me, right away, and scored within 24 hours. I was so excited to be taking such an organized and informative course.

My hopes of becoming certified were well on their way. Lynn is always there to answer a question. She always makes time to speak with me whether it is through a phone call, or email. There was never an issue of the school being far away, because my courses were held online. I managed to do her 6 month thorough course, in 2 month’s time, because I was able to access the entire course at my leisure. I scheduled my exam 2 weeks after my final, and within 6 weeks I was certified with a highly accredited organization. L S Coding & Education is more than a typical school.

Lynn is a wonderful person, always there to assure me, help me and guide me. It’s not a school that you graduate from, and then are left on your own. It’s a friendship and a place to continue your career for life.

I recommend Lynn’s school to anyone who is serious about getting certified in whatever subject. I am excited to continue my education with her, and hope to become certified in CPC-H, and complete my E/M course within the next year.

I am very grateful to her and her wonderful, efficient staff for all they have done for me.

- Sincerely, Catherine Davis CPC

Best Regards, Narda Moreno

My name is Narda and I am a student of Lynn Schoeler at L S Coding & Education.

I am writing to you as a reference for L S Coding & Education. I researched the CPC certificate very carefully and when I decided to go forward, I chose Lynn Schoeler because her program was the best fit for my lifestyle. I was able to view her sample online class from her website, and being that I was employed full time during the day, her course fit into my schedule perfectly. As I went through each chapter in the book and on-line, Lynn made everything easy to understandand I was able to ask questions either by email or phone at any time. Because I studied in the evenings, my preference was to correspond by email. All of my questions were always answered promptly and clearly. I am very happy with the education choice I made when I chose Lynn and LS Coding & Education. I have taken my AAPC National Examination and I passed!!! I have been bugging my best friend to take her course and would recommend LS Coding & Education to anyone.

- Best Regards, Narda Moreno

Sincerely, Kati Telliard, On Line Student

Just wanted to let you know that you are helping me to accomplish something in my life that I have been searching for a long time.

Once I become a certified medical coder I will feel like I am important!, more than just a wife and mother. I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from. You are an incredible teacher and make learning this stuff easy. You should take pride in what you do and know that you do it extremely well! Thank you for giving me and all your students your time and sharing your talent of teaching with us!

- Sincerely, Kati Telliard, On Line Student

Sincerely, Lisa Toon, CPC

I am writing this letter on behalf of Lynn Schoeler.

I am writing this letter on behalf of Lynn Schoeler. Her online class for CPC was very educating. It totally prepared me for the CPC exam which I took in December. Everything she taught us I needed in order to pass the exam. She gave us so much information. I can tell you that when I took the test there were 12 people who had attended a different school and testing at the site where I sat for the exam. I was the only one that was truly prepared to sit for the exam. The other 11 students shared that they felt ill prepared. Those students had taken another class. I felt totally prepared, I finished the exam in 2.5 hours plus I passed it. Her online classroom was very rewarding for me. I could do it when I had the time. I wasn’t scheduled a specific time which I find was very helpful with a 40 hour a week job and a family. I would recommend and I have recommended Lynn’s online classroom instruction for CPC without hesitation.

- Sincerely, Lisa Toon, CPC