Meet Our Staff

Lynn Schoeler

Lynn Schoeler CPC, COC, CPC-I

Lynn is the President and CEO of L S Coding & Education LLC. Lynn has been an AAPC licensed PMCC Instructor since the inception of the program.

Contact: Lynn Schoeler

Theresa Perez CPC

Theresa Perez CPC Administrative Assistant

Theresa is a CPC  and assists students with coding questions and day to day student requests and needs.

Contact: Theresa Perez CPC

Jodie Velde CPC

Jodie Velde CPC Registration & Student Coordinator

Jodie is a CPC and assists new students with enrollment and their book orders, and a multitude of other elements of their enrollment.  Jodie also assists students with coding questions.  Jodie is a Teaching Assistant and grades homework assignments and tests.

Contact: Jodie Velde CPC