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Professional Medical Coding Program


Course Delivery

The course is taught in a live classroom environment in Tucson Arizona and these classes are recorded; these recorded classes are uploaded to our website.

Online students will attend using our Moodle site within this environment the student will receive instructions for each chapter of study including homework, quizzes, and attendance in a chat based forum for each chapter. Students will attend the class videos online in the Moodle environment.

Tests will be given on each chapter of the curriculum. A final exam is given which simulates the AAPC National Exam.

If the student has additional questions they are urged to use the messaging feature on the Moodle website which will open a dialog between the student and the instructor. When you message the instructor an e-mail is immediately sent to the actual instructor for the course and the student will receive a prompt response from the instructor.

All Exams are taken on our Moodle website

Program Cost:
By enrolling in the full program you will receive discounts for the following courses:
Medical Terminology, COC, ICD-10-CM, and EM Courses.
Students pay for each course as they take them, but by enrolling in the full program students are guaranteed the discounted price for the additional courses.

Program Cost Comparison
Online courses start at the beginning of each month for live classes see the Calendar