Medical Terminology Anatomy Physiology Course

This course covers basic Human Anatomy/Physiology and Medical Terminology taught at the level required for a Professional Medical Coder, utilizing the text published by MOSBY Mastering Healthcare Terminology by Betsy J Shiland.

Students will use our Moodle Server at to find instructions for each week of class.

Students will read the chapters before attending the class lecture online. After watching the online classes, students will be required to return to the Moodle site and take a Quiz for each chapter as well as attend a forum chat session addressing the subject assigned by the instructor for each week. They must respond to the instructor and at least one other student. Responses and comments must be substantive.

Class exercises will be assigned and reviewed during the online sessions. A Final Exam will be given.


The student will have an understanding of Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology required to become a Professional Medical Coder. The student will acquire the knowledge of medical terms necessary to read and understand a medical chart. The student will understand prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Students will be able to recognize key terms used in the medical record.

This course is required to take the Certified Professional Coder CPC Course.

If you have previously taken an Anatomy/Terminology Class you can submit your transcript to the school and upon reviewing the transcript, the requirement for this course may be waived and your previous class will transfer to our Program.

The alternative is to challenge the Medical Terminology A/P Final Exam and if you pass it with a 70% we will consider your past experience to satisfy the requirement to attend this course.
This course can also be taken as a CEU Class for Coders who are already certified and want to better prepare for the implementation of ICD-10-CM.

Clock Hours

Classroom Hours 149.5

Outside Hours 99

Total Hours 248.5

Textbooks are included in the course Fee
Program Cost if enrolled in the Program is $200.00
Cost taken separately as a CEU Class $625.00

Online courses start at the beginning of each month for live classes see the Calendar


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