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Using the AAPC Professional Medical Coding Curriculum

In order to become a professional coder in a medical facility or office, an individual should become AAPC Certified. This protects the medical provider from non-compliance and down-coding that can lead to serious legal consequences and significant fines. Our courses will help you achieve AAPC Coding Certification so that you can become a professional employee in a number of medical settings.

The current Program being offered towards AAPC certification is the AAPC Professional Medical Coding Program CPC. We recommend completing this program within 18 months from the time you enroll. If circumstances deem it necessary, there are transfer options available to you. The average time required to complete this program is 18 months for the complete program including all courses.  The CPC course prepares you to sit for the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) National Certification Exam. The CPC Course usually only takes 6 months to complete on its own if that is all you need to take.  Upon taking the AAPC Certification Examination and passing the exam with a minimum score of 70% you will receive your AAPC Certified Professional Coder Certification from the AAPC.

At LS Coding and Education LLC, we provide students with the AAPC Professional Medical Coding Curriculum textbook needed to attain coding certification in addition to the continuing education classes required for CPC’s. For those individuals who may have difficulty fitting traditional classroom work into their busy schedules, we offer both live evening classes and pre-recorded classroom courses online that allow you to take the entire course online including all exams. Our courses are composed of lectures, handouts, exercises and exams for comprehensive learning. You also have the support of instructor Sharon Jones along with several Certified Coders who are available to answer any questions you may have.

Job Outlook for AAPC Professional Certified Coders

According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the employment of professional coders and health information technicians is expected to have a 20 percent increase through 2023 as a result of the increasing number of medical tests, procedures and treatments that will be performed. This is a great deal more than other occupations are expected to grow. The population is growing older, also increasing the occurrence of health-related problems.

There is also a relationship between the increase in electronic health records and the number of professional coders needed to take care of the related responsibilities that will come with electronic data management.


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