AAPC Professional Medical Coding Course w/Medical Terminology

AAPC Professional Medical Coding Course CPC w/Medical Terminology

This course begins every January of the current year


GED or High School Diploma or Equivalent

Attendance in a Medical Terminology Anatomy/Physiology Course


Professional Medical Coding CPC Preparation Course

This course utilizes the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) Professional Medical Coding Curriculum and the Instructor Lynn Schoeler is a Certified Professional Coder Instructor licensed by the AAPC. During this course the student will learn to utilize the three coding reference books necessary to be a Professional Medical Coder; CPT 4 Procedure Book Published by the AMA, ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Book Published by the AMA, and HCPCS Level II Book for supplies and services Published by the AMA.


The student will be able to read a medical record and determine what services were provided to the patient. The student will be able to translate the services and diagnosis using the CPT- 4 Procedure codes and ICD-10-CM Diagnosis codes. The student will also be able to find the correct HCPCS Level II Codes to bill for supplies used during the procedure provided in the physician outpatient setting. Students will be able to apply the Medicare Coding Guidelines when selecting the appropriate service and diagnosis codes.

As part of this course the student will also learn the skills needed to pass the AAPC Professional Medical Coding Certification Examination.

Clock Hours

Classroom Hours 198

Outside Hours 208

Total Hours 406  approximately 48 weeks

Textbooks are included in the course Fee

Program Cost if enrolled in the Program is $1850.00

Cost taken separately as a CEU Class $1850.00

Certified Professional Coder CPC with Medical Terminology

Advanced ICD-10-CM

3 Practice Exams to prepare for Certification

AAPC Fees are a separate cost

AAPC Testing fee with student discount one attempt $325.00

AAPC Membership fee with student discount $125.00

$2050.00 Textbook included



Online courses start at the beginning of each month for live classes see the Calendar


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