Sincerely, Catherine Davis CPC

To Whom It may concern:

I have wanted to become a CPC since 1998. There were very limited schools that were offering courses at that time, and because I have to work, it made it very hard for me to find a time to attend such classes that were offered only at colleges that were 50 miles in the opposite direction of where I worked. I am also a mother of three, and cannot possibly sit in school after work.

I originally started a course that would’ve taken me very long, and cost me a great deal of money. There was no guarantee that I would be prepared to sit for the national exam. I became very discouraged and decided to give up my hopes for becoming certified.

I am from New York City, and I decided to pursue my goal of becoming certified once more, and Googled schools in my area. That’s when I found L S Coding & Education. I couldn’t believe that there was a school that was offering online video courses and the cost was unbelievable (cheap). I called Lynn right away, and she spoke with me, and got me started immediately.

I loved the classes because it made you feel like you were with the students, learning from their questions, etc. Lynn is an amazing teacher, and taught me things that I have struggled to learn through the years. The tests were emailed to me, right away, and scored within 24 hours. I was so excited to be taking such an organized and informative course.

My hopes of becoming certified were well on their way. Lynn is always there to answer a question. She always makes time to speak with me whether it is through a phone call, or email. There was never an issue of the school being far away, because my courses were held online. I managed to do her 6 month thorough course, in 2 month’s time, because I was able to access the entire course at my leisure. I scheduled my exam 2 weeks after my final, and within 6 weeks I was certified with a highly accredited organization. L S Coding & Education is more than a typical school.

Lynn is a wonderful person, always there to assure me, help me and guide me. It’s not a school that you graduate from, and then are left on your own. It’s a friendship and a place to continue your career for life.

I recommend Lynn’s school to anyone who is serious about getting certified in whatever subject. I am excited to continue my education with her, and hope to become certified in CPC-H, and complete my E/M course within the next year.

I am very grateful to her and her wonderful, efficient staff for all they have done for me.

- Sincerely, Catherine Davis CPC