Best Regards, Narda Moreno

My name is Narda and I am a student of Lynn Schoeler at L S Coding & Education.

I am writing to you as a reference for L S Coding & Education. I researched the CPC certificate very carefully and when I decided to go forward, I chose Lynn Schoeler because her program was the best fit for my lifestyle. I was able to view her sample online class from her website, and being that I was employed full time during the day, her course fit into my schedule perfectly. As I went through each chapter in the book and on-line, Lynn made everything easy to understandand I was able to ask questions either by email or phone at any time. Because I studied in the evenings, my preference was to correspond by email. All of my questions were always answered promptly and clearly. I am very happy with the education choice I made when I chose Lynn and LS Coding & Education. I have taken my AAPC National Examination and I passed!!! I have been bugging my best friend to take her course and would recommend LS Coding & Education to anyone.

- Best Regards, Narda Moreno